Explore Cow & Quince in New Glarus

From the historic creameries and dairies to the modern organic farms, there is a diversity of farmstead and food products in New Glarus. The region is an excellent place to shop for gifts and groceries or enjoy a delicious meal. One of the best places to enjoy a meal is Cow and Quince. This restaurant is family-operated and family-owned and offers visitors and locals a taste of the local farm bounty. For many locals, Cow and Quince is the ideal farm-to-table lunch and breakfast joint in central New Glarus. The restaurant prides itself in sourcing its ingredients locally within a fifty-mile radius — an idea reflected in the cheese boards, French toast, and biscuits and gravy. In this article, we explore the latest addition to Cow and Quince menu and other delights this restaurant has to offer.

The meals served at Cow and Quince are fresh as they are delicious. Broyt Bakehaus is the latest addition to the restaurant’s already impressive menu. Broyt is the Yiddish word for bread. The decision to start Broyt Bakehaus was inspired by the previous success and rave reviews of the restaurant’s bagels, gluten-free bread, and bakery items. Broyt builds on these strengths and features bread and baked items prepared using whole grain, organic, local floor in a new deli technique. Just like items offered at Cow and Quince, all of Broyt Bakehaus’s items are locally sourced and sustainable.

Some of the items introduced under Broyt Bakehaus include whipped cream cheeses (seasonal schmears) and fresh bagels, an all-new menu featuring new sandwiches, fantastic baked delights (also featuring a gluten-free selection), house-made deli meats, house-made ice creams, tea, coffee, espresso drinks, house-made syrups, cocktails crafted from local spirits, local beers and sodas, local cheeses, fermented vegetables such as pickles and krauts, alongside special and wholesale orders.

But Broyt Bakehaus is just a taste of the iceberg of what Cow and Quince have to offer.

Cow and Quince offer one of the freshest and delightful menus you can find around. From popular breakfast items such as “biscuits and gravy’ and delicious appetizers to Thursday night pizza, Cow and Quince never disappoint.

One of the most popular breakfast selections at Cow and Quince is undoubtedly ‘breakfast and gravy’. The price of this menu item ranges from $7 to $10, and it features a delightful combination of Pasture Patern’s egg, pork sausage gravy, and farmer John cheese curds. The scrambler features a seasonal selection of side dishes and goes for $11. For a more balanced breakfast, try the farmers’ breakfast. This selection goes for $12 and features apple-quince butter, potatoes, toast, two eggs, and a house-smoked pork loin. The truffle shuffle also goes for $12 and features salad, truffle oil, parmesan, aioli, shiitake mushrooms, 2 pieces of bacon, toast, and two eggs. Cow and Quince also offer a made-to-order snug haven oatmeal that comes in three assortments — plain, sweet, savory. The plain selection is the most basic of the three and goes for $5. The sweet selection goes for $8 and features Winsconsin maple syrup, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and butternut squash. The savory selection goes for $8 and features maple roasted garlic vinaigrette, parmesan, spinach, and mushroom.

Cow and Quince also offer various French toast assortments as well. The savory French toast goes for $16 and features maple roasted garlic vinaigrette, sunny side up duck egg, pork belly, Door County cherries, caramelized onions, wilted spinach, gouda, and brioche. Plain Jane goes for $7 and features Winsconsin maple syrup and powdered sugar. The apple caramel bread pudding goes for $9 and features hickory nuts, whipped cream, and cajeta. Equally delightful is the cherry cobbler. This selection goes for $9 and features maple syrup, whipped cream, streusel topping, and Door County cherries. The Strawberry chocolate hazelnut goes for $9 and features maple syrup, whipped cream, Nutella, and crandale strawberry compote.